Thursday, March 27, 2014


Often referred to as Bolwell Mk3A.
Tony Shaw took these photos at last year's Winton Historics and they were later reproduced in the NSW Slipstream.
I think this was its coming out parade and Patrick who has owned it for decades was using Winton as a shakedown run prior to the Sandown Historics. Tony was looking forward to catching up with Patrick at Sandown. I have never heard whether he did or not or, even, if the car was there. However, it was at the later Geelong Speed Trials, driven by its FORMER owner, Iain, and flagged off by that retro-dressed young woman in the bright pink mini-dress and white stole.
Meanwhile, Colin, in Thailand, discovered a couple of pictures of it in mid-60s Graffiti Publications' "Hot Rod Heritage".
That's it in the background of a pic of John English's rear engined dragster taken at Riverside.
Here it is running off against Daryl Harvey's '34 roadster (which was considered to be the first hot rod in Australia fitted with an OHV engine in 1959).

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Anonymous said...

In the interest of accuracy the second pic was from Issue #1 of Australian Hot Rodder magazine - published by Graham Smith's Australian Hot Rodder P/L of Cheltenham in Melbourne and not Larry O'Toole's Graffiti Publications from Castlemaine. Credit where credit's due eh? Col