Sunday, November 10, 2013

Progress in Madrid.

Some chassis pics and a plea about gear linkage.
(Cat's out of the bag - it's going left hand drive)
Dear John,
   I never thought that the gear box linkage could be a problem for making the gear box work, please have a look at the pictures I´ve already sent to you....the pack (Eng. and gear box9 come from an old Mustang......and the standard linkage.....sits too much back and we been told that there there exist a system that we can buy and fit on top of the gear box so that´s it-......please could you help and put a biit of light about this....? 
                                                 Thanks and regards : Joe.


Anonymous said...

They have gone to all that trouble to modify the car so its now no where near original, why not chuck the top loader and fit a T5


Anonymous said...

Given this one and the Yellow Nagari racecar in Belgium both claim to be B8/44 perhaps none of it is original.

Anonymous said...

This one, in Madrid appears to have the original ID Plate. As far as can be determined the other one (in the Netherlands) obtained it's plate in the '90's whilst in the care of Chris Camp, it is stamped B8/44/71, to the best of my knowledge, so it's actual number is unknown.

John L said...

The Netherlands car is an ex-Peter Warren racecar. He had 2. His second one , of course, was the Barry Main one. Both the Dutch car and the Spanish car spent some time in England. The Spanish car is the one that was originally shipped to South Africa.

Lindalu said...

there was a photo of Bernies race car showing the gear change on the inside the trans tunnel pete