Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Help wanted

This lovely looking Nagari is raced in Europe, predominantly in Germany, by Leo Kusters. It would help Leo with his eligibility for the class he races in if he could prove that the cars were raced in the years that they were produced. This one is chassis number 44 which tells me that it was made in 1973. Mainly they were made from 1970 to 1974. If I remember rightly, this car started life in South Africa or was there early in its life anyway. Somehow it turned up in England. I recall it being advertised for sale in one of those glossy ads in the back pages of Autosport. Anyway, it moved across to Holland or Belgium or Germany and Leo has been racing it for a few seasons now. When did the first Nagari hit the track? This shot of Peter Warren was taken at Oran Park in 1974. I see it has the MGB blinkers. Did Peter have another Nagari race car before that? I think he might have. The race car that Barry Main bought from him was no. 46 (pre-MGB blinkers). I had a feeling Peter was the first to race a Nagari.
Or did Ranald (below) beat him to it? When did either of them start? Or was it John Latham? Might be time to drag out those old Auto Actions and Racing Car News.

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